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Maybe I’m Comparing Apples and Oranges Here…

…but Gallop recently issued their survey on the most and least religious states in the good ol’ US of A, based on the frequency of church attendance. I wasn’t surprised to see Utah top the list (because Brigham Young will … Continue reading

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Bryan Fischer sees being a lesbian as an abuse of power…

… or something. For those of you who aren’t aware of Bryan Fischer, he’s a fantastically bigoted and homophobic wingnut, who’s currently the “Director of Issues Analysis” for the equally loathsome “American Family Association.”

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Fever Pitch

So, there’s been another outbreak of Ebola in Africa. Although this is by far the worst outbreak in memory, it isn’t really anything new for the people who live in those areas. What is new, however, is that not only … Continue reading

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Right-Wing Round-up

Please bear with me, Dear Readers; I promise to start blogging with increased frequency once this hectic start to the year is over (so, in about November then!) and hopefully fellow blogger Pi will be able to extract himself from … Continue reading

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I have to confess that I’m watching the post-election right-wing meltdown with an immense amount of satisfaction. The GOP and the leech-like Tealiban suckling at its teat have a lot of soul searching to do. To a large degree, their … Continue reading

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It’s Only Free Speech If We Like What You Say

Only the rabid racist right-wing fuck-heads over at “news” agency World Net Daily, could start an article with “Well, it’s Free Speech Week” and then go on to say why everybody in the media who says things they disagree with … Continue reading

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By Their Deeds Shall Ye Know Them – Part 2

And so we continue with our look at the anti-science idiots the Republican Party has stuffed into the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. Randy Neugebauer – probably most famous for his “Baby killer!” comment directed at Democrat Bart … Continue reading

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By Their Deeds Shall Ye Know Them – Part 1

For some reason, it would appear as if the members of the US’s Republican Party are having a not-so-secret competition to see who can out-crazy each other. It’s as if the guys further down the ladder were watching the Clown … Continue reading

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Lies, Damn Lies and “Conservative News and Views”

Yes… I know… I said I wasn’t going to blog about Terry Hurlbut’s little right-wing hate blog any more. However, in my defense, I should just admit firstly that the man has managed to do an Andy Schlafly and surround … Continue reading

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Stupid, Hypocrites, or Conveniently Forgetful?

I have to thank one of the commentators on this blog – Steven – for reminding me of the circumstances leading up to this post. As you probably know by now, there’s been a bit of a stink surrounding the … Continue reading

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