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Revisiting the Predictions

Exactly a year ago today, I published a post looking at some of the predictions so-called psychics were making for 2015. Now that we’re safely in 2016, and it’s been a year, I think it’s time to go back revisit … Continue reading

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2015 – what the frauds see in their crystal balls

No, I’m not making any more promises about cranking this blog back into life. If it happens, it happens… although the Republican Party likely to wheel out another clown car of idiots ahead of the 2016 elections, I’m sure there … Continue reading

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Introducing Haig’s Law

A couple of posts ago, I pondered whether or not there should be some sort of Internet law, to describe the phenomenon of insane websites appearing to be designed by colourblind hippies on acid. I gave a few examples, and … Continue reading

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We Need an Internet Law For This…

It’s Sunday, I’ve spent the morning burning down churches and I’ve just had a lovely dinner of roast aborted fetuses – you know, a typical day in the life of a liberal – and I’m really not in the mood … Continue reading

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Dedication Time

There is, after all, one song that can be played, following onfrom the posts below. Kate, this one’s for you. And this one’s for Andy.  

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Liberals By Numbers

One thing I’ve learnt from watching (and working on) Conservapedia is that they never fail to amaze me. Just when you think they’ve reached new levels of paranoia, hate-speech or plain insanity, they manage to crank it up another notch. … Continue reading

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Is it just me…

… or has WorldNutDaily’s Joseph Farrah taken up smuggling catepillars as a way to make money?

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