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Defending the Indefensible

The only thing that has surprised me less about yet another Christian fundamentalist and rabid homophobe being caught up in a sexual scandal, has been a) the people coming out in defence of his actions and b) the excuses they … Continue reading

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The Dumbest Man Alive?

I’m going to start off by introducing you to a little conspiracy theory of my own: David Icke (and possibly Alex Jones) is an Illuminati plant, whose sole purpose is to utterly discredit the anti-NWO movement. When Gary Allen published … Continue reading

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Bananaman Strikes Again!

Anybody who’s ever come across the work of creationist nutjob Ray Comfort, knows that he only has a passing acquaintance with the truth… and reality for that matter. If he’s not peddling his own special brand of bullshit on his … Continue reading

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Be an atheist, win a jacket!

No, not from us. We’re far too cheap to fling around expensive gifts, and besides we know you all love us for our creative writing, so bribes aren’t necessary to make you visit. It would appear as if Bananaman himself, … Continue reading

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