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Don’t worry, Joseph

Poor old Joseph Farah. He’s written a self-pitying column in which he claims that he’s ashamed to be called a newsman. Why? Because the rest of the sane media didn’t buy Sheriff Joe “It’s not child abuse if they’re illegal … Continue reading

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Tweedledum meets Tweedlebatshitinsane

I watched an Alex Jones broadcast last night. I’m not proud of it. In fact, I would have rather read “50 Shades of Gray” or repeatedly jab knitting needles into my eyes – the knitting needles being the less onerous … Continue reading

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Just what petty, vindictive imaginary spirit do you worship, anyway?

So, President Obama has committed yet another grievous crime against right-wing America – he’s come out in favour of gay marriage. And of course the fundie fuckheads are up in arms, because how dare… HOW DARE… people who are “different” … Continue reading

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So Much Stupid… So Much Hate

There are some days when I almost regret starting up this little venture. This is one of those days. It’s a day when I am faced with such rank stupidity, such rank ignorance, such rank bigotry that I want to … Continue reading

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Your weekly WND round-up

Fellow contributor Pi is up to his ears in what he calls his “Ph.D,” but is actually beer and naked groupies… what? You think we’d blog like this if there weren’t perks? Therefore, I’ve taken it upon myself to trawl … Continue reading

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