The Nuances of Oppression

You’re probably going to hear (or read) me using the word “colonialism” (and “shit”) quite a bit in this post, because in this wonderful, crazy country of ours, it’s the newest buzzword since “Nkandla.” However, whilst I was drafting this in my mind (before getting up a 3 a.m. to type it before I lost my train of thought) it struck me that after democracy back in 1994, one of the first things South Africa did was rejoin the Commonwealth of Nations. You know – the colonial old boys’ club, that used to be called the British Commonwealth. Because nothing says, “We are shaking off the chains of our old oppressors!” like joining an organization that results in us having a British High Commissioner, instead of an ambassador, because of some arcane protocol. Still, at least we don’t have Queen Liz on the currency. Then again, we also don’t have Zuma on our stamps, because people wouldn’t know which side to spit on.

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When April Fools’ Aren’t Quite April Fools’

So I was taken to task the other day, for repeatedly having a go at the continual lunacy I see coming out of the US of A. The latest editions being that Missouri wants to ban food stamp recipients from buying fancy food, another ‘abstinence-only” advocate’s underage daughter gets banged up and Senator Tom Cotton (yes, he of the letter to Iran clusterfuck) basically said that gays should be thankful they’re just discriminated against in Indiana, and not executed. No, really. But more on these in later posts, I’m sure.

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Your Petard, Sir. You Know What To Do…

Since leaving Andrew Schlafly’s failed little hate-blog, to go and form his own little hate blog, Terry Hurlbut (an action which is still penalised by imprisonment in Mississippi and Arizona) has managed to draw a surprising amount of like-minded bigots to post their drivel on his site. Modestly named “Conservative News and Views,” with the even more modest tagline “Renewing the Fourth Estate,” it is a hive of every ultra right-wing, nutjob talking point you can think of. Including their latest “masterpiece” (it’s a Do Not Link link, so don’t worry) “Germanwings Muslim factor?” in which they engage in some good old Islamophobia, based solely on a since-removed blog post, by a German who writes for the rabidly anti-Islamic “Politically Incorrect” magazine.

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My Comments on the Proteas at the CWC 2015

Allow me to digress for a moment from my usual lunatic bashing, to jot down some thoughts on the performance of the South African cricket team at the recent World Cup, hosted by Australia and New Zealand. It’s part of the grieving process after yet another early exit from yet another tournament.

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Ray Comfort – Proving Gandhi right

Ray Comfort, possibly the dumbest man alive not called Kirk Cameron, and certainly one of the poster boys of everything that is awful about evangelical Christianity, is pissed at Mahatma Gandhi. Because, it seems that Gandhi wasn’t as big a fan boy of Jesus, as Ray is. (Spoiler – Gandhi was a Hindu, so no real surprise there.)

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Maybe I’m Comparing Apples and Oranges Here…

…but Gallop recently issued their survey on the most and least religious states in the good ol’ US of A, based on the frequency of church attendance. I wasn’t surprised to see Utah top the list (because Brigham Young will personally fly down from Kolob and punch you in the face if you don’t attend Temple), but I was surprised to see that the highest percentage was only 51%.

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A Teabagger guide to the Civil War…

…or something

So, to alleviate the pain of watching the Proteas getting thrashed by the Indians, I turned to my browser, and because I have a very strange definition of “alleviate pain,” I decided to browse that hive of wing-nuttery known as the Tea Party Community. For those of you not in the know, this is the Facebook-esque clone/rip-off/what-not those Americans that are slightly to the left of Hitler, and who think that Obama is the anti-Christ, coming to take away their guns and herd them into FEMA death any day now.

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