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You owe me a new Irony Meter!

A few posts ago I mentioned how horrified Conservapedia founder Andrew Schlafly was about the Greek team expelling one of its members from the “politically correct” Olympics for her racist tweets. To quote the man: The politically correct 2012 Summer … Continue reading

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Schlafly’s Racism on Show

I’ve made a point about calling Conservapedia founder Andrew Schlafly a “racist bigot” ever since he took it upon himself to attack the weight of the Surgeon General – who happens to be an African-American woman, whilst remaining silent about … Continue reading

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Off his meds?

Or just batshit insane? I fear Conservapedia founder Andrew Schlafly has finally had a break with reality. No, wait… let me rephrase that. His grip on reality has always been tenuous at best, but it would appear as if this … Continue reading

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Ken Demyer – Shoot the Teachers!

Wow… just wow. We all know that Ken Demyer, Conservapedia’s resident man-child and the world’s worst debater hates evolution – mostly because he doesn’t understand it – but even by his standards, he’s sunk to a new low. Not content … Continue reading

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A Special Kind of Crazy

I have to hand it to Conservapedia – just when I throw my hands in the air and write them off, somebody in charge there steps up to the plate and delivers the special kind of crazy that racist bigot … Continue reading

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Stooping ever lower

I’ve spoken at length about Conservapedia sysop Ken Demyer’s bizarre editing habits and his likely descent into some kind of mental disorder. For a long time Ken was happy to merely toy with his “masterpieces” on CP – atheism, evolution … Continue reading

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How not to run a wiki – by User188

(h/t to larron) It’s been a long time since I’ve cast my jaundiced eye over the doings of Ed Poor, the senior sysop over at racist bigot Andrew Schlafly’s little hate blog, Conservapedia, with a penchant for really short articles … Continue reading

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