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What is wrong with these people?

What is it with religious people and their seeming stampede to see who can be the most despicable person, following a tragedy? It’s almost as if they’re watching the news and going “Hmm… he’s blaming video games, let me up … Continue reading

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Another Scumbag Steps Forth

There’s no shortage of idiots looking to cash in on the dreadful Aurora shooting – on both sides of the fence. Those using it to immediately call for stricter gun control are – in my humble opinion – just as … Continue reading

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Sub-Human Scum – There’s No Other Words For Them

So… there’s been another tragic mass shooting in the USA. Now, I could use this post to talk about gun control and the second amendment. But I’m not going to. A nation is mourning; people have lost loved ones; others … Continue reading

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