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Clearly you had some other Hitler in mind?

Those of you familiar with internet lore – and indeed law – will have at some point come across Godwin’s Law, which states in its simplest form: As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis … Continue reading

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Thank you, America!

Thank you for re-electing Barack Obama. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Obama is the greatest President you’ve ever had, and his policies are certainly not as liberal as the right paint him to be… but he would … Continue reading

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The Week in which I Agree with WND

Yes, I know. Shock! Horror! What has become of me? However, there’s no need to panic – I haven’t suddenly become convinced that Obama is a Muslim, or that Shariah law is taking over America – it was merely a … Continue reading

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Sore losers!

Well, I was expecting the birthers to commence wailing the minute the Georgia announcement was made, and they haven’t proven me wrong. After all, this has nothing to do with Obama’s eligibility and everything to do with their hatred of … Continue reading

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Let the wailing begin

Schadenfreude (n): satisfaction or pleasure felt at someone else’s misfortune. Hoo-boy. This is a day myself and every sane person on this planet has been waiting for. The birthers – that bunch of insane racists who cannot accept that a … Continue reading

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Spoken like a true Conservapedian

So, Rob Smith has pawned his backbone and gone crawling back to Conservapedia, where’s he’s doing a great job whitewashing the Newt Gringrich article, even if his debating skills are less coherent than before. Just had to share this little … Continue reading

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Well, you might be if you rely on Conservapedia’s main page for your news updates. Then again, chances are, if you do use CP as your main news source, you’re also fed with a spoon and use crayons to write, … Continue reading

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