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When Insanity Finally Outweighs Relevance

Well, I knew this day would come eventually and in a way, I’m surprised that it’s taken this long. However, I’ve decided that I’m no longer going to devote any more column space to Andrew Schlafly’s little bastion of insanity … Continue reading

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Oh noes! The Gays Want Your Children!

In my meanderings through the bottom half of the internet I tend to come across quite a few individuals who are so batshit insane, that they shouldn’t have access to crayons, let alone a keyboard. However, I’ve found few who … Continue reading

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You owe me a new Irony Meter!

A few posts ago I mentioned how horrified Conservapedia founder Andrew Schlafly was about the Greek team expelling one of its members from the “politically correct” Olympics for her racist tweets. To quote the man: The politically correct 2012 Summer … Continue reading

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Sub-Human Scum – There’s No Other Words For Them

So… there’s been another tragic mass shooting in the USA. Now, I could use this post to talk about gun control and the second amendment. But I’m not going to. A nation is mourning; people have lost loved ones; others … Continue reading

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Despicable Little Man

Of the four remaining sysops who still use Conservapedia on a fairly regular basis (I’m discounting Terry Hurlbut and John Patti, because the former merely uses it to link-whore his own blog and Patti seems to have lost interest, apart … Continue reading

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Citations? We don’ need no steenkin’ citations…

It’s fairly common knowledge that Conservapedia, that bastion of nuttiness that even the right-wing shuns, has always had a passing acquaintance with things like “facts” and “truth.” They’ve also had a very strange policy when it comes to providing citations … Continue reading

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Ken Demyer – Shoot the Teachers!

Wow… just wow. We all know that Ken Demyer, Conservapedia’s resident man-child and the world’s worst debater hates evolution – mostly because he doesn’t understand it – but even by his standards, he’s sunk to a new low. Not content … Continue reading

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