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It’s Only Free Speech If We Like What You Say

Only the rabid racist right-wing fuck-heads over at “news” agency World Net Daily, could start an article with “Well, it’s Free Speech Week” and then go on to say why everybody in the media who says things they disagree with … Continue reading

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You owe me a new Irony Meter!

A few posts ago I mentioned how horrified Conservapedia founder Andrew Schlafly was about the Greek team expelling one of its members from the “politically correct” Olympics for her racist tweets. To quote the man: The politically correct 2012 Summer … Continue reading

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Well, at least we know where Andrew gets it from

So… Phyllis Schlafly, mother of Conservapedia founder Andrew, was promoting her new book on American Family Radio. That’s probably the ideal platform for Ma Schlafly, given her stance on homosexuality, abortion, the fact that women should stay at home and … Continue reading

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There are no words

That faint thudding you can hear is the sound of my forehead connecting with my desk. I fear that I may concuss myself shortly, so this will be a short post. Suffice to say, racist bigot and Conservapedia founder Andrew … Continue reading

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Dear Andrew Schalfly: Weather =/= Climate

I’ve spoken before about just how Conservapedia founder and racist bigot Andrew Schlafly has absolutely no idea about the actual mechanics of climate change / global warming. As I have already mentioned, he is incapable of seeing the following correlation: … Continue reading

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In case you were wondering…

… Just how Japanese Game Show insane Conservapedia has become lately, let me present this bit of evidence: Yes, that’s right. George W Bush, the Greatest Thing Since Reagan, the Defender of the American Way of Invading Other Countries, for … Continue reading

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Ha! Ha! Ha!

So I wrote a few days ago about how Conservapedia founder and right-wing fuck-head, Andrew Schlafly had gloated over the looming divorce between good, decent, upstanding conservative Republican politician Arnold Schwarzenegger and that liberal bitch, Maria Shriver. To quote Andy in … Continue reading

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