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Maybe I’m Comparing Apples and Oranges Here…

…but Gallop recently issued their survey on the most and least religious states in the good ol’ US of A, based on the frequency of church attendance. I wasn’t surprised to see Utah top the list (because Brigham Young will … Continue reading

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By Their Deeds Shall Ye Know Them – Part 2

And so we continue with our look at the anti-science idiots the Republican Party has stuffed into the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. Randy Neugebauer – probably most famous for his “Baby killer!” comment directed at Democrat Bart … Continue reading

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By Their Deeds Shall Ye Know Them – Part 1

For some reason, it would appear as if the members of the US’s Republican Party are having a not-so-secret competition to see who can out-crazy each other. It’s as if the guys further down the ladder were watching the Clown … Continue reading

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Mike Kelly – A New Low Point in the War on Women

So, the Right’s War on Women continues unabated. And the Republican Party continues to ignore the fact that somehow a bunch of crazy people have ended up representing their party. The latest misogynist wingnut to step up to the plate … Continue reading

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Dear America… W.T.F?

I was originally going to title this “Views from the Outside looking In,” but the more I wrote, the more I realised I needed a heading that expressed my ever-increasing exasperation with the US of A. I’m not sure what’s … Continue reading

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Back to the nuttiness

Right, let’s leave the bile of RationalWiki behind for now and wade back into the warmer waters of general nuttiness. I’d like to present today a gentleman by the name of Alexander Cornswalled, who describes himself as a “Midwestern Conservative … Continue reading

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Liberals versus Conservatives

In response to the drivel I spoke about in “Conservatives versus Reality” below, I see the Drudge Retort (a witty alternative to the Drudge Report… why do conservatives suck at page layout?) have come up with a list of their … Continue reading

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