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I Watched Logan Paul’s Flat Earth Movie So You Don’t Have To

Gasp! I know right – it’s only taken me three years to grind the blog back into life. Admittedly, I’ve spent most of those three years screaming into a pillow, faced with so many monumental clusterfucks on so many fronts, … Continue reading

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Conservapedia: Operating in a Void?

Ok, so one of the questions that’s asked most often is “Just how relevant is Conservapedia?” Is the conservative movement hanging on Andrew Schlafly’s every word, or are they (most likely) hanging their heads in embarrassment.The general impression is that … Continue reading

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Conservapedia’s Law

No, that doesn’t mean “Say Andy is right… or else”, nor does it mean “Kiss Terry Koeckritz’s ass and give him your e-mail address, chest measurement and name of your junior high school when he asks, or else”. No, what … Continue reading

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Undermining Conservapedia… the TK Way

This is a really short post, but it’s suddenly dawned on me, what a good job Terry Koeckritz is doing of undermining Andrew Schlafly’s little Conservapedia hobby (besides blocking every editor who trys to add something constructive to the site). … Continue reading

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Conservative Compassion?

Here’s a quick little thought for you out there. Most of us, when a colleague suffers a loss, tend to rally around them and offer sympathy and support. One would think that this is a common human trait. Not, however, … Continue reading

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