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The Latest Obama Manufactroversy

I’ve lost count of the ways the dribbling idiots over on the rabid religious right in the U.S. have found ways to display their hatred for the Black Man in the White House. From the birth certificate, to him being … Continue reading

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Fever Pitch

So, there’s been another outbreak of Ebola in Africa. Although this is by far the worst outbreak in memory, it isn’t really anything new for the people who live in those areas. What is new, however, is that not only … Continue reading

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America the Bigoted

Ok, now let me start off by saying that I honestly don’t give a damn about the Superbowl. I don’t get the hype, I don’t get the razzmatazz, I don’t get the breathless anticipation over the half-time shoe and most … Continue reading

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Travels through the Anti-Social Network

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during the years I’ve been following the rabid, religious right – no matter where, or who, they are – it’s that they don’t play well with other people, especially those who disagree with whatever … Continue reading

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Right-Wing Round-up

Please bear with me, Dear Readers; I promise to start blogging with increased frequency once this hectic start to the year is over (so, in about November then!) and hopefully fellow blogger Pi will be able to extract himself from … Continue reading

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Fuck you, John McTernan…

…and all the odious scum who think like you do. Just in case you don’t know who this maggot is, he’s the so-called Christian bigot preacher who claimed that Hurricane Sandy, which is leaving the eastern seaboard of the USA … Continue reading

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More Christian Bigotry and Crocodile Tears

I see the right-wing, fuck-head, fundie media is up in arms again. They’re bleating, pounding their chests and making the most of their deep-seated persecution complex… and all because – so they say – a group of Christians came under … Continue reading

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