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Introducing Haig’s Law

A couple of posts ago, I pondered whether or not there should be some sort of Internet law, to describe the phenomenon of insane websites appearing to be designed by colourblind hippies on acid. I gave a few examples, and … Continue reading

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We Need an Internet Law For This…

It’s Sunday, I’ve spent the morning burning down churches and I’ve just had a lovely dinner of roast aborted fetuses – you know, a typical day in the life of a liberal – and I’m really not in the mood … Continue reading

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Merry Cthulhu!


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Change, they say, is as good as a holiday. Not that I believe the lyin’ bastards, of course. The only thing that’s as good as a holiday, is another holiday. Preferably involving white beaches, cocktails served in coconuts and a … Continue reading

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Dedication Time

There is, after all, one song that can be played, following onfrom the posts below. Kate, this one’s for you. And this one’s for Andy.  

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Is it just me…

… or has WorldNutDaily’s Joseph Farrah taken up smuggling catepillars as a way to make money?

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This reminds me of somebody…

…because hell, we need a break from the insanity now and again. (and h/t to XKCD… possibly the greatest webcomic evah. Let the flame war begin!)

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