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No, Not Racist At All…

My new favourite wing-nuts over at the Nuke Lies forum are frothing at the mouth again, because I dared to call one of their main contributors anti-Semitic for posting things like “And of course more Jews died in road accidents … Continue reading

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The Anti-Semitic Nuke Lies Morons Bite Back!

A while back, I wrote a blog post on a bunch of kooks and lunatics, calling themselves “Nuke Lies.” This bunch of mad tinfoil hatters seriously believe that nuclear weapons are some sort of hoax and do not exist. Hiroshima … Continue reading

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Nukes? What nukes?

Every now and again, it is my absolute pleasure to be introduced to something that is so wonderfully batshit insane I’m actually at a loss for words. No, really. I’ve been looking at the latest discovery for a few days … Continue reading

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