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Congratulations! You survived another Rapture!

Disclaimer: I’d written this entire article, then realised they were talking about April 2018. Doesn’t invalidate the points raised though. I’m not sure if Christian fanatics have short memories, or are just terminally gullible, but you’d think that after the wonderful … Continue reading

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Dear Harold Camping Part 2

Well, well, well… according to my calendar today is 22 October 2011… and we’re all still here. To quote the raving maniac and likely fraud (then again, aren’t all evangelical ministers frauds, out to fleece the gullible?): “The great earthquake … Continue reading

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Dear Harold Camping

Well, as 99% of sane people knew all long, the 22nd of May has dawned and it seems as if we’re all still here. I wonder what’s going through Christian preacher Harold Camping’s mind right now. You know, the mad … Continue reading

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