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What a Load of Pork Pies

Among the thankfully few things that really make me want to throw stuff around, food woo is probably about 5th on the list, having recently been displaced by the raft of Flat Earth insanity seems to be cropping up with … Continue reading

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So, A Mormon Walks Into An Awards Ceremony…

…no there isn’t really a punchline to that opening. Except to say that once again the religious nutters put on a display that illustrates that they really are a bunch of self-entitled, arrogant asswipes. Now, before I continue this post, … Continue reading

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Maybe I’m Comparing Apples and Oranges Here…

…but Gallop recently issued their survey on the most and least religious states in the good ol’ US of A, based on the frequency of church attendance. I wasn’t surprised to see Utah top the list (because Brigham Young will … Continue reading

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Come and See the Racism Inherent in the System

I recently came across a post, courtesy of a friend on Facebook, which was so inherently stupid that I just had to dust off the old blog. I’d like to think it’s the kind of post you’d see on a … Continue reading

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The Dumbest Man Alive?

I’m going to start off by introducing you to a little conspiracy theory of my own: David Icke (and possibly Alex Jones) is an Illuminati plant, whose sole purpose is to utterly discredit the anti-NWO movement. When Gary Allen published … Continue reading

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Fuck you, John McTernan…

…and all the odious scum who think like you do. Just in case you don’t know who this maggot is, he’s the so-called Christian bigot preacher who claimed that Hurricane Sandy, which is leaving the eastern seaboard of the USA … Continue reading

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I’m calling Poe on this…

… but I’m still going to post it, because it’s either a wonderful piece of trolling, or one of the most batshit insane comments I’ve yet seen by a fundie. Ok, first, for those of you not familiar with Poe’s … Continue reading

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