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Congratulations! You survived another Rapture!

Disclaimer: I’d written this entire article, then realised they were talking about April 2018. Doesn’t invalidate the points raised though. I’m not sure if Christian fanatics have short memories, or are just terminally gullible, but you’d think that after the wonderful … Continue reading

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Let’s Clear This Rainbow / Pride Flag Thing Up for Once and For All

The other day, I made mention, on an online friend’s page, that marriage equality (and thus America’s entry into the 21st century, as far as basic human rights go) would be one of the legacies of Obama’s term in office. … Continue reading

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Defending the Indefensible

The only thing that has surprised me less about yet another Christian fundamentalist and rabid homophobe being caught up in a sexual scandal, has been a) the people coming out in defence of his actions and b) the excuses they … Continue reading

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Ray Comfort – Proving Gandhi right

Ray Comfort, possibly the dumbest man alive not called Kirk Cameron, and certainly one of the poster boys of everything that is awful about evangelical Christianity, is pissed at Mahatma Gandhi. Because, it seems that Gandhi wasn’t as big a … Continue reading

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Ray Comfort’s World of Wonder

Either Ray Comfort really is a complete ignoramus, with absolutely no understanding of how the world around him actually works, or he is a first-class fraud, happily pissing on the pig-ignorance of his flock and treating them with the contempt … Continue reading

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Bryan Fischer sees being a lesbian as an abuse of power…

… or something. For those of you who aren’t aware of Bryan Fischer, he’s a fantastically bigoted and homophobic wingnut, who’s currently the “Director of Issues Analysis” for the equally loathsome “American Family Association.”

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This is Why the Aliens Won’t Talk to Us

To paraphrase Carl Sagan: In one unremarkable galaxy among hundreds of billions, there is an unremarkable star among hundreds of billions of stars in that one galaxy. Around that star revolves a world with life. Some people who live on … Continue reading

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