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The Latest Obama Manufactroversy

I’ve lost count of the ways the dribbling idiots over on the rabid religious right in the U.S. have found ways to display their hatred for the Black Man in the White House. From the birth certificate, to him being … Continue reading

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Clearly you had some other Hitler in mind?

Those of you familiar with internet lore – and indeed law – will have at some point come across Godwin’s Law, which states in its simplest form: As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis … Continue reading

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Travels through the Anti-Social Network

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during the years I’ve been following the rabid, religious right – no matter where, or who, they are – it’s that they don’t play well with other people, especially those who disagree with whatever … Continue reading

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Right-Wing Round-up

Please bear with me, Dear Readers; I promise to start blogging with increased frequency once this hectic start to the year is over (so, in about November then!) and hopefully fellow blogger Pi will be able to extract himself from … Continue reading

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Education Reform – Moron Style

I’m sure my dear – and sadly neglected – readers will be pleased to know that during my self-imposed hiatus, I never actually stopped hunting down the latest nuttery that the religious right appears to be able to spout at … Continue reading

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They keep making better morons

In my post below, when I was talking about libertarian wing-nut Eric Dondero and his plans to ignore everybody in his life who might support the Democratic party, I jokingly said, “Don’t forget to boycott all products of a company … Continue reading

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Mike Kelly – A New Low Point in the War on Women

So, the Right’s War on Women continues unabated. And the Republican Party continues to ignore the fact that somehow a bunch of crazy people have ended up representing their party. The latest misogynist wingnut to step up to the plate … Continue reading

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