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Stupid, Hypocrites, or Conveniently Forgetful?

I have to thank one of the commentators on this blog – Steven – for reminding me of the circumstances leading up to this post. As you probably know by now, there’s been a bit of a stink surrounding the … Continue reading

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When Thatcher thinks you are nuts…

According to Nicholas Watt at guardian.co.uk, the Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher doesn’t want to meet Sarah Palin because quote “Sarah Palin is nuts”. Palin had wanted to meet Thatcher who she says that she greatly admires, but unsurprisingly, these feelings … Continue reading

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Palin and the Pledge

Half the fun with blogging lies in the research, the other half is in going off in a totally different direction to what you intended. Take this current example, for instance. It started out with our friends at Conservapedia, defending … Continue reading

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