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Tebow: My Final Word

Seriously, I don’t get all the hype over a third-rate football player who just happens to pray in public, not to mention all the hand wringing and wailing over his transfer. If this idiot didn’t pray, nobody would give two … Continue reading

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Christian Scum

So, the geriatric hatemonger, Pat Robertson has done it again. Instead of just shutting up and going back to fleecing his flock of their hard-earned pennies, Robertson just has to pipe up and show that he’s firmly in step with … Continue reading

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A Triple Dose of Stupidity

I must admit that watching the Republican party turn into the Taliban when it comes to women and science has become a bit boring… if only in the way that driving past mile after mile of mangled wreckage and body … Continue reading

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A Special Kind of Crazy

I have to hand it to Conservapedia – just when I throw my hands in the air and write them off, somebody in charge there steps up to the plate and delivers the special kind of crazy that racist bigot … Continue reading

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