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On second thoughts…

I want my fucking money back. In my last post, I mentioned that I was buying the February 2010 issue of WND.com magazine WhistleBlower, “HIJACKING SCIENCE”. What a waste. The same old shit that the anti-intellectual right has been wheeling … Continue reading

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Conservapedia – 4 Years On

The internet is a powerful source of information and thanks to Andy Schlafly it has become an educational tool. So Andrew Schlafly’s little project has just turned 4 – which is something like 80 human years. Well, given the advanced … Continue reading

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Lies, Damn Lies and Terry Koeckritz

Ok, I’m going to risk falling foul of Godwin’s Law in my opening sentence, but it was Hitler who said something along the lines of if a lie is repeated often enough, it becomes the truth. However, I think he … Continue reading

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Control freaks

The wonderful and clever people over at Conservapedia: An Illustrated Guide have done sterling work plotting the gradual demise of Conservapedia and their graphs are a wonderful illustration of how edits are falling, as well as a pretty clear indication … Continue reading

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The Two Faces of Ed Poor

Ah, good ol’ Ed Poor – user 188 on Wikipedia, as he always tells everybody. Of course, he somehow neglects to mention the fact that he overstepped his authority there and was summarily stripped of his rights., reducing him to … Continue reading

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The 5 Pillars of Evil and CP

Woot! 2 for 1 day today as we look at a funny comparison between Wikipedia and Conservapedia. On Wikipedia (which CP will have you believe is a nest of commies, gays, baby-eaters, etc, etc), their Cabal put together a handy … Continue reading

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