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It’s Only Free Speech If We Like What You Say

Only the rabid racist right-wing fuck-heads over at “news” agency World Net Daily, could start an article with “Well, it’s Free Speech Week” and then go on to say why everybody in the media who says things they disagree with … Continue reading

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And the hits just keep on coming

Amazing. I take a bit of a hiatus from trawling through the cesspool of what passes for conservative thought processes, and it seems as if they ramp up the crazy in an effort to lure me back to the keyboard. … Continue reading

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Tweedledum meets Tweedlebatshitinsane

I watched an Alex Jones broadcast last night. I’m not proud of it. In fact, I would have rather read “50 Shades of Gray” or repeatedly jab knitting needles into my eyes – the knitting needles being the less onerous … Continue reading

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Where’s the Money, Joseph Farah?

Here’s an interesting tit-bit. Back in August 2009, Birther High Priest and head honcho of right-wing “news outlet” World Net Daily, Joseph Farah went on record as saying he would donate $15,000 to the hospital where President Obama was born. … Continue reading

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Just what petty, vindictive imaginary spirit do you worship, anyway?

So, President Obama has committed yet another grievous crime against right-wing America – he’s come out in favour of gay marriage. And of course the fundie fuckheads are up in arms, because how dare… HOW DARE… people who are “different” … Continue reading

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Birther Frenzy

I have to give the birthers some credit – they have staying power. No matter how many times they’re slapped down and laughed out of court, their racial hatred for President Obama means they just get up and keep on … Continue reading

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The Week in which I Agree with WND

Yes, I know. Shock! Horror! What has become of me? However, there’s no need to panic – I haven’t suddenly become convinced that Obama is a Muslim, or that Shariah law is taking over America – it was merely a … Continue reading

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