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“Other races are bad, because they don’t vote like me!”

Many people, in their dealings with Conservapedia in general and Andrew Schlafly in particular, tend to think that his brother Roger is imbued with slightly less insanity than his kid brother. This is mostly due to the fact that Roger … Continue reading

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Utterly Repulsive

At this moment, I can’t think of any other words with which to describe the new lows to which the Brothers Schlafly have sunk. Then again, given the fact that they were squeezed from between the thighs of Mad Cow … Continue reading

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The Andromeda Stain

Amazingly, every now and again, Conservapedia manages to attract people who genuinely believe CP is an encyclopaedia and try and add content other than “Obama is the Devil”. Examples would include the slightly obsessive, such as FOIA and his fixation … Continue reading

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