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Schlafly’s Racism on Show

I’ve made a point about calling Conservapedia founder Andrew Schlafly a “racist bigot” ever since he took it upon himself to attack the weight of the Surgeon General – who happens to be an African-American woman, whilst remaining silent about … Continue reading

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No, Not Racist At All…

My new favourite wing-nuts over at the Nuke Lies forum are frothing at the mouth again, because I dared to call one of their main contributors anti-Semitic for posting things like “And of course more Jews died in road accidents … Continue reading

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I was starting to wonder if the joy of writing about Conservapedia – racist bigot Andrew Schlafly’s little right-wing hate blog – was fading. After all, lately it’s become home to resident man-child Ken Demyer ever-more insane (and inane) ramblings … Continue reading

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Brian Macdonald Loves Bestiality…

…or at least Ken Demyer’s insane outpourings on the subject. Every time I think Conservapedia couldn’t get any worse, I get proven wrong – a fact that makes me very, very happy. Resident man-child Ken Demyer is still on his … Continue reading

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Stooping ever lower

I’ve spoken at length about Conservapedia sysop Ken Demyer’s bizarre editing habits and his likely descent into some kind of mental disorder. For a long time Ken was happy to merely toy with his “masterpieces” on CP – atheism, evolution … Continue reading

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There are no words

That faint thudding you can hear is the sound of my forehead connecting with my desk. I fear that I may concuss myself shortly, so this will be a short post. Suffice to say, racist bigot and Conservapedia founder Andrew … Continue reading

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You can’t win against rank stupidity

So, Hurricane Irene is bearing down on New York – the first hurricane to make landfall in that area since Bertha in 1996. It seems to have fizzled out into a category 1 storm, but rather than face a crisis … Continue reading

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