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I Watched Logan Paul’s Flat Earth Movie So You Don’t Have To

Gasp! I know right – it’s only taken me three years to grind the blog back into life. Admittedly, I’ve spent most of those three years screaming into a pillow, faced with so many monumental clusterfucks on so many fronts, … Continue reading

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What a Load of Pork Pies

Among the thankfully few things that really make me want to throw stuff around, food woo is probably about 5th on the list, having recently been displaced by the raft of Flat Earth insanity seems to be cropping up with … Continue reading

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When April Fools’ Aren’t Quite April Fools’

So I was taken to task the other day, for repeatedly having a go at the continual lunacy I see coming out of the US of A. The latest editions being that Missouri wants to ban food stamp recipients from … Continue reading

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My Comments on the Proteas at the CWC 2015

Allow me to digress for a moment from my usual lunatic bashing, to jot down some thoughts on the performance of the South African cricket team at the recent World Cup, hosted by Australia and New Zealand. It’s part of … Continue reading

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Welcome to 2014!

I know, Dear Reader, I know. I have sadly let this humble blog gather dust during the last year. The road to hell and good intentions and all that. However, 2014 is the year that I promise to kick, beat … Continue reading

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Who Cares if it’s Parody if it Feeds Our Paranoia?

Ok, confession time. The other day I fell hook, line and sinker for a parody article. However, in my defence, it wasn’t that I believed the content of the article, just that it was entirely plausible that somebody actually meant … Continue reading

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Haig’s Law Strikes Again!

In case you’ve forgotten, Haig’s Law was a so-called law of Internet formulated after many minutes of intense study by a team of highly intelligent, pan-dimemsional mice… no, wait… wrong story… by myself and my loyal Dear Readers of this … Continue reading

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I’m calling Poe on this…

… but I’m still going to post it, because it’s either a wonderful piece of trolling, or one of the most batshit insane comments I’ve yet seen by a fundie. Ok, first, for those of you not familiar with Poe’s … Continue reading

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Introducing Haig’s Law

A couple of posts ago, I pondered whether or not there should be some sort of Internet law, to describe the phenomenon of insane websites appearing to be designed by colourblind hippies on acid. I gave a few examples, and … Continue reading

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We Need an Internet Law For This…

It’s Sunday, I’ve spent the morning burning down churches and I’ve just had a lovely dinner of roast aborted fetuses – you know, a typical day in the life of a liberal – and I’m really not in the mood … Continue reading

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