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America the Bigoted

Ok, now let me start off by saying that I honestly don’t give a damn about the Superbowl. I don’t get the hype, I don’t get the razzmatazz, I don’t get the breathless anticipation over the half-time shoe and most … Continue reading

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The Ignorant Scum Raise Their Voices Again

Oh dear. I suppose given the general level of batshit insanity that US politics has descended into, it would take something out of the ordinary for this blog to creak back into life again. Even then, it could be argued … Continue reading

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Come and See the Racism Inherent in the System

I recently came across a post, courtesy of a friend on Facebook, which was so inherently stupid that I just had to dust off the old blog. I’d like to think it’s the kind of post you’d see on a … Continue reading

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Ugly Americans

And once again, the US has shown the world it is a country populated by bigots and morons. Obviously not all Americans… although given the number of people supporting things like Romney, and the Tea Party, one does have to … Continue reading

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“Other races are bad, because they don’t vote like me!”

Many people, in their dealings with Conservapedia in general and Andrew Schlafly in particular, tend to think that his brother Roger is imbued with slightly less insanity than his kid brother. This is mostly due to the fact that Roger … Continue reading

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